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At the heart of Charley Elizabeth Events is a genuine passion for making the everyday magical for everyone. I strive for my events to be as relaxing, enjoyable and inspirational as possible; with a focus on healing, wellbeing and nutrition; and a love for nature. My events come to life when like-minded individuals, holistic businesses and friends join together to share experience and holistic practices.  At the heart of my events is my wellbeing ethos, holistic beliefs and passion for nature and nutrition. I believe it is important to nurture the soul with creativity and our connection with nature; feed the body with healing foods and organic and nutritious wholefoods; and look after the mind with meditation, mindfulness and exercise.

From what I have researched the term Holistic Health or Holistic Healing comes from the word whole, meaning complete. Which means – to look at the self from a whole (holistic) perspective and to understand the mind, body and spirit connection and the importance of balancing all aspects of one’s life.

Taking a holistic approach means looking at your body, your health, and your life as a whole; instead of compartmentalizing and thinking that they are separate. They are all very much connected.

We can draw so much inspiration from Mother Nature and her earth, and collectively as earth’s children we can learn from and inspire each other. I feel it is important to look after our mind, body and our spirit and it is a balance of the three that contribute to our sense of wellbeing. When we are holistically balanced we can spiritually develop and connect with the energy of the earth and the law of attraction for healing of the highest good.

When we find our balance we can live through our hearts and feel inner happiness and peace.

The events aim to be a date in our diaries when we can come together and share our incredibly inspiring and powerful energy in a safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Charley Elizabeth Events is a treasure chest full of exciting new events including holistic and wellbeing weekends, magical Christmas and craft fairs, organic and holistic festivals, creative celebrations, retreats and feasts. Watch this space for lots of new and exciting events to come!

written by

Charley Elizabeth

Events Organiser in the South West.

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